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Cancellation and Refund Policy – BRAINUM


By accessing BARINUM and using its services, you agree to the terms and conditions without limitation or qualification.


BARINUM reserves the right to amend the terms at any time and without prior notice to clients. You agree to be bound and regulated by the terms specified if you continue to use BARINUM after any updates. If and when they are made, privacy policies, disclaimers, and other applicable policies in general or specialised areas of the website, BARINUM, or to a specific service are also considered terms.


Refund and Cancellation Charges Policy


During any transaction between the user and the merchant or service provider, BARINUM does not take control of any of the services or products provided by the seller/merchant. BRAINUM also offers no guarantees or claims concerning the items or services that are provided to the consumer. If a refund or cancellation is required, the aggregator's or vendor's/terms merchant's and conditions will govern. Cancellation and refund fees are beyond the authority of BARINUM. BARINUM is not responsible for any refunds or cancellations, including any expenses incurred as a result of such cancellations or refunds.


Make an incorrect payment to the wrong person or send payment with the incorrect amount. BRAINUM will not be liable, and your only option will be to contact the third party to whom the payment was received and request a refund if applicable. BRAINUM will not issue refunds or reverse payments made by users in error.


Prepaid Recharge Policy


All prepaid recharge sales made through the BRAINUM site are final, with no refunds or exchanges available. The user is liable for the actions of the cell phone number or DTH account number for whom the user has made a prepaid service purchase and all charges incurred as a result of such purchase. The user is solely responsible for all information provided about the data card and related recharge services, as well as all charges incurred as a result of those purchases. BRAINUM is not responsible for any prepaid recharge transactions made with an inaccurate mobile number, DTH number, or data card information and or connected services.


User Agreement and Responsibility


BRAINUM disclaims any legal, financial, or other liability that may occur as a result of, or be caused by, any act, omission, or otherwise of any user on its website/mobile application. The user is responsible for expressly agreeing that BRAINUM is simply a payment facilitator and intermediary. As a result, the user is released from any liability that may come from this. Furthermore, the user acknowledges that you implicitly agree to this disclaimer by accessing or using BRAINUM/Mobile App.


The user is encouraged to read the merchant's or vendor's services and terms and conditions carefully. BRAINUM is not responsible if you are unable to access the terms and conditions or suffer a loss due to your failure to do so. The user is responsible for acknowledging and agreeing that the actual sale contract is made directly between the user and the merchant/vendor. BRAINUM has no control over or prevents any changes to the details published and descriptions of the aggregator's or merchant's website/applications and is not responsible for any content contained within.


Accountability of the Company


BRAINUM has no control over the things featured, their existence, safety, quality, or legality, the accuracy of the aggregator's content or listings, or the merchant/capacity vendors to sell the items or offer the services. BRAINUM does not control any of the listings, bookings, or services given by the merchant/vendor at any stage throughout the transaction between the user and the merchant/vendor.


In the event of a dispute, BRAINUM records should constitute indisputable evidence of the transactions carried out through the use of the user's account and financial holdings.


The user is entirely responsible for any information provided by him or her, including his or her bank card data and any other papers he or she provides. The company cannot be held liable for any disputes or erroneous payments made by the user. In the event of applicable faults or any other genuine disagreement, the company will consider cancellation or reimbursement.


If the company has to commence any refunds in the user's account. In that case, the company will notify him or her. The company will initiate the refund procedure in a few business days after ultimately confirming the refund method and verifying the legitimacy of the reason supplied by the user.


All of the procedures provided here are in full compliance with BRAINUM's most recent laws and regulations. They will not accept any deceptive practices used by consumers to gain refunds. Users are expected to adhere to the company's general terms and conditions and are bound by the company's criteria.